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Welcome to Shifaay

Health is the most precious asset that one can possess, and it is the foundation for a happy and fulfilling life. At Shifaay, we offer all the surgical and non-surgical medical tourism services required to identify and treat all medical specialties enabling our patients to have the life they deserve.

Our goal

We specialize in providing various medical tourism services in Egypt. We care about your health, take into account your concerns, and work hard to provide you with the best possible health care. Are you excited to know about our diverse medical services?!

Our medical staff

We put years of hard work and experience in your hands to connect you with the best medical tourism doctors, consultants, and surgeons in all medical fields, guaranteeing that you receive a simple, efficient, and comfortable luxury medical tourism service as well as surgical interventions with the highest success rate.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the highest quality medical tourism services at the most affordable prices.

Our Equipments

Our centers are massive medical monuments that specialize in providing unique medical tourism packages. They also have highly equipped recovery rooms, operating rooms that meet international standards, and the newest therapeutic interventional technologies for all diseases. All of this is in addition to well-organized appointment schedules with minimal waiting times, which enable us to promptly fulfill our patients’ needs and expectations.

Our services

Shifaay offers a variety of medical tourism services packages for patients from all over the world, including the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, various medical surgeries, and other therapeutic services. These packages begin with handling all medical travel arrangements and assisting with the booking of airline tickets and visas, and continue with a luxurious welcome at the airport, a private translator to accompany the patient during their stay, lodging in the best hotels equipped to handle medical cases and specialized medical care following surgical operations, accompanying the patient to the hospital to conduct the necessary medical examinations and necessary medical interventions, and, at the end, accompanying the patient to the airport to get back to their homeland.

Shifaay Center offers modern, equipped medical tourism hospitals and recovery centers to meet the needs of patients with various medical conditions. These hospitals are equipped with the most advanced medical technology and the best medical staff, including specialized doctors, nurses, and highly trained radiology and lab technicians who are dedicated to providing the best high-quality medical care to all patients. Our programs are also committed to dealing with the best specialized doctors in various international hospitals around the world.

We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that patients receive the best care and have the highest success rates for various surgical procedures, in addition to offering patients the chance for both physical and spiritual recovery through trips to Egypt’s special healing areas. Shifaay’s team takes a personal approach to each patient, working closely to understand their individual needs and developing a customized treatment plan that fits their goals and budget.


What types of services can I book with Shifaay?

Shifaay Center provides a variety of therapeutic and medical tourism packages to examine, diagnose, and treat patients from all over the world in all medical specialties.
In addition, Shifaay offers a wide range of surgical and non-surgical treatment options for both common and uncommon diseases. These include treatments for tumors, bariatric surgery, fertility, plastic surgery, non-surgical cosmetic procedures, dental care, cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery, and other conditions.

How do I book a medical tourism package with Shifaay?

To find out more about and make reservations for the various medical tourism packages offered by the Shifaay Center, simply go to the Shifaay Company website and complete the reservation request form. Once you have provided the required information, a Shifaay doctor will get in touch with you to go over your options and finalize the reservation process.

Can I choose my doctor?

Indeed, Shifaay offers a list of the top medical tourism doctors in Egypt across all specialties, enabling clients to select their treating doctors according to the doctor’s availability, the patient’s health, and their preferences.

What are the available payment options for scheduling Shifaay’s medical tourism services?

PayPal, credit card, and bank transfer are the available payment methods for scheduling medical tourism services with Shifaay. Shifaay representatives can provide more details on available payment methods.

How long does it take to book a medical tourism trip through Shifaay Center?

As soon as you contact the Shifaay customer service team, they begin assisting you in making travel, doctor, and hospital reservations, so that you can receive your medical care as soon as possible. 
The time it takes to book a medical tourism trip may vary depending on the type of medical procedure, the doctor’s schedule, and the client’s preferences. Shifaay Center representatives can provide an estimated schedule for each reservation request.

Is there a deposit required to book a medical tourism service?

Customers may be required to pay a deposit to ensure the seriousness of the reservation. The deposit value can vary depending on the type of treatment service, medical tourism package, and hospital policy.

Can I reschedule or cancel my surgery booking?

Clients have the option to reschedule or cancel their surgery appointment, but Shifaay may have a cancellation policy that includes fees. Shifaay representatives can provide more details about the company’s cancellation policy.

How can I prepare for surgery?

Shifaay can provide clients with pre-operative instructions and advice on how to prepare for surgery. This may include dietary restrictions, medical examinations, and medications.

How can I contact my doctor before and after booking a health tourism package?

You can communicate with your doctors before and after booking a health tourism package through Shifaay representatives. Shifaay can also help with communication and provide translation services if needed.

Do I need a companion on my medical trip?

Some patients may require company on their medical trip. Shifaay representatives can provide more information about the center’s policy on escorting.

How long does my treatment trip take?

The length of stay and medical trip may vary depending on the type of medical trip, medical procedures performed, and recovery speed. Shifaay representatives can provide an estimate of the length of stay based on the type of medical procedure and hospital policy.

Can I request a specific hospital or location for my surgery?

Yes, patients can request a specific hospital or location for their surgery. Shifaay representatives can provide information on available hospitals and assist with booking.

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