From cardiac surgery to plastic surgery : discover what Shifaay medical tourism provide, Are you looking for a medical website that offers all services related to medical tourism, handles all travel arrangements, makes reservations for hospitals and doctors, and supports you from the time you make the service booking until the time you return home? Are you looking for the best doctors for plastic surgery, heart surgery, or neurosurgery? Are you looking to prevent medical complications and achieve the highest success rate possible with surgical procedures? Did you know that Egypt is among the world’s most popular tourist destinations for archaeology, culture, and religion? Would you like to take advantage of Egypt’s fantastic climate and have a great time there following surgery? Are you looking for a medical travel company that offers you a variety of travel packages within Egypt, like shopping, cultural, archaeological, or healing vacations following surgery tourism? Do you firmly believe that Egypt is among the top medical tourism destination worldwide? If so, are you seeking an Egyptian medical tourism company that can connect you with top doctors who specialize in a range of medical specialties, including plastic surgery, urology, fertility treatment, and obesity operations?

We would like to introduce you to Shifaay Medical Tourism Company, the first company in Egypt dedicated to providing all types of medical wellness tourism services, including surgery, treatment for incurable diseases, and thorough medical checkups to accurately diagnose diseases under the guidance of the best medical tourism providers, such as surgeons, consultants, lab and radiology technicians, and the best specialized nursing for the patient during the procedure and after it is finished until full recovery.

This article will cover the most significant medical tourism packages offered by Egypt’s Shifaay Center for Medical Tourism Services, as well as how to get in touch with us and reserve the package that best suits your needs.

Medical tourism in Egypt

 discover what Shifaay medical tourism provide

Egypt is regarded as one of the pioneering nations in the medical field. The first medical school in Egypt was founded in 1827 during the reign of Muhammad Ali Pasha, and it is now known as the Kasr Al-Aini Faculty of Medicine. It also includes the Demerdash Faculty of Medicine, which dates back to 1931, and the Al-Azhar Faculty of Medicine, as well as other international medical schools that have produced some of the world’s most famous and brilliant doctors. It is known in the Arab world that Egypt is the land of medicine and the pioneer of Arab medical tourism in all medical fields. There are competent Egyptian doctors working in the best hospitals in the Arab world, and Egypt boasts the best hospitals and therapeutic health centers globally, which are dependable in offering complete medical services and equipped with the best equipment and resources to improve patient health.

The scientific research and medical development file is one of the most significant files maintained by the Egyptian government. Thus, Shifaay Global Medical Tourism Agency is eager to offer you all of these benefits and experiences, which will make it easier for you to look for the greatest hospitals and doctors across the board.

Did you know that Egypt ranks 14th out of 46 global destinations in the field of global medical tourism?

The primary factor that sets apart Egyptian health tourism is the caliber of care offered in return for the cost. As we have previously stated, the greatest hospitals in the Arab world employ Egyptian physicians. However, in most other countries, medical care is very expensive, especially when it comes to surgery, cosmetic surgery tourism packages, and health tourism dental care. As a result, some individuals are compelled to choose lower-quality healthcare in order to meet their financial obligations, but in Egypt, you can get the best medical care at the most competitive price from the world’s top doctors.

It is possible to travel to Egypt and receive the best global health tourism services available worldwide, as well as take advantage of Egypt’s perfect climate and recreational, archaeological, and health tourism tours, all at a lower cost than you would pay for medical services rendered in your home country. The prices of medical tourism in Egypt are typically 30%–50% lower than the prices of treatment services provided in the Arab world and 40%–60% lower in Western countries like the United States and the United Kingdom.

Egypt is regarded as one of the world’s richest nations in terms of resources for physical therapy and medical tourism, both of which have a major impact on the market for health and medical tourism. Egypt has an exceptional geographic location with a suitable climate, sulfur water baths, mud, hot sand, and all other natural resources that make Egypt a popular medical tourism destination and healing tourism worldwide.

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Shifaay for health wellness and medical tourism

Medical tourism is the practice of visiting hospitals and medical centers across the globe to receive medical care and services outside of one’s own country.

The word “tourism” is used in the definition of medical tourism in the world because, following a medical and wellness tourism procedure, patients may choose to stay in the treated country and visit its historical tourist sites, or they may arrange medical travel packages and indulge in recovery tourism, spending the recuperation period in a health resort as a part of their post-operative treatment plan.

The global advancement of technology is typically associated with the emergence of viruses and diseases. As medical science and infection control techniques advance, new pests and highly contagious, incurable diseases emerge and attempt to spread. The most recent example of this is the Coronavirus, which has killed countless people despite the world’s greatest medical advancements. Regarding this, Shifaay Company, has shown interest in medical tourism and expanded to offer healthcare tourism services to all patients worldwide in the hopes of lessening suffering and improving people’s health and happiness. And since Egypt is known for its people’s beautiful, joyful smiles, we are confident that you will receive the best medical care possible from the best international Egyptian surgeons and consultants in the best medical tourism hospitals. Additionally, you will receive the best hospitalization service and, following surgery, recreational and archaeological travel with Shifaay, a medical tourism travel agency.

At Shifaay, our goal is to fulfill the old adage, “If you drink the water of the Nile, you will come back again” by making your treatment trip to Egypt pleasurable, comfortable, and free of any medical complications. We achieve this by having the highest success rate possible. Egypt is your second country that opens its arms to welcome everyone at any time.

Why choose Shifaay Medical Tourism?

Despite the fact that medical travel tourism is one of the most significant and popular forms of tourism in the world, many patients do not support it because they are afraid of traveling abroad for medical treatment due to concerns about safety, high treatment costs, or infectious diseases like AIDS, hepatitis viruses, and others, particularly when it comes to surgery, organ transplants, and blood transfusions. Many patients around the world find that language barriers, difficulty obtaining a visa, and fear of the quality of health tourism and medical tourism services provided are major obstacles to travel. However, with Shifaay Medical Medical Tourism Services, you will not have to deal with any of these issues, and one of the main advantages of choosing Shifaay as your medical tourism expert is the ease with which medical tourism packages can be booked, as well as heading packages. Other benefits include the variety of medical specialties, the quality of medical services provided, the appropriate cost for each patient, the effectiveness of the medical staff, and the hospitals and medical centers that are outfitted with the newest medical devices and technologies. The primary benefits of reserving medical tourism packages in Egypt via Shifaay, one of the top medical tourism companies in the world, are:

Various medical specialties

The most significant medical tourism company in Egypt, Shifaay, offers health medical tourism services in all medical specialties, particularly the most uncommon ones, under the supervision of the best surgeons, consultants, nurses, medical laboratory technicians, and radiology technicians in Egypt. This results in a luxury medical tourism experience that is ideal for tourists, beginning with a precise diagnosis and continuing with all surgical and non-surgical treatment options that promote the patient’s recuperation and post-operative care.

We offer top-notch health & wellness tourism services across all specialties to address neurological, psychological, and cardiovascular conditions, as well as addiction. We also offer all medical services for non-surgical cosmetic procedures, skin tightening, filler and Botox injections, hair removal, laser treatment for varicose veins, organ transplantation, obesity and bariatric surgeries, hair transplantation, and other wellness and medical tourism needs.

We also provide the most up-to-date tumor treatment techniques, including radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, and radiation-guided radiosurgery. Some of the most significant medical specializations offered in the medical tourism packages at Shifaay Center are:

  1. Various medical checkups, including contemporary radiology scans that aid in the diagnosis of incurable diseases and are also utilized in surgical procedures, as well as medical tests pertaining to pathology, tumors, and fertility.
  2. Plastic surgery vacation packages, cosmetic breast and facial surgeries, medical tourism for tummy tuck, hair transplantation, and others.
  3. Non-surgical cosmetic medical tourism procedures such as laser varicose veins removal, laser hair removal, laser skin peeling, chemical peeling, fillers, Botox, and others.
  4. Infertility treatment, such as ICSI, cryopreservation of embryos, insemination, artificial fertilization, and others.
  5. Urology, erectile dysfunction, and improving sexual performance.
  6. Dental health tourism services including Hollywood smiles, dental implants, pediatric dentistry, orthodontic dentistry, root canals, and cosmetic tooth and gum surgeries.
  7. Treating kidney diseases and dialysis, treating heart diseases, cardiovascular surgeries, treating neurological diseases, brain and nerve surgeries, and others.
  8. Orthopedics, rheumatology, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and sports medicine.
  9. Shifaay Center also provides medical services for nose, ear, and throat surgeries, eye surgeries, and general surgery.
  10. Geriatrics, internal medicine, pediatrics, endocrinology, psychiatry, and addiction treatment.
  11. Treatment of immune diseases, infectious diseases, oncology, treatment of blood diseases, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Quick and easy to book with Shifaay

 discover what Shifaay medical tourism provide

The Shifaay Health Tourism website constantly aims to offer patients from all over the world the best service possible for health and medical tourism in Egypt. We take care of our patients from the moment they browse the Shifaay Company website, one of the best medical tourism websites, and book medical tourism services, until they are admitted to the hospital and leave for their home country. We provide:

  1. The best level of customer service is available around-the-clock, seven days a week, to answer any questions, find out the costs of the packages that are offered, help with booking medical travel, and view the medical tourism guide, which lists the top medical tourism providers, hospitals, and clinics.
  2. Use our online medical consultation service to speak with the top doctors in Egypt, discuss your condition, create a personalized treatment plan, and get in touch with your doctor whenever you need to.
  3. assisting with travel arrangements, airline tickets, obtaining entry visas, making hospital reservations, booking rooms at the most prestigious hotels with medical facilities, and scheduling the surgery date to accommodate both the patient’s and the medical facilitator’s schedules.
  4. offering patients a first-rate reception service from Shifaay, the health tourism agency, from the time the patient lands at the airport until he departs Egypt.
  5. Providing the service of an interpreter and accompanying the patient throughout the stay.
  6. Accommodations in the most opulent hotels, furnished with the finest amenities for a distinguished stay. These hotels are also outfitted to provide patients with the best medical staff, including emergency physicians and trained nursing residents, to tend to their needs both before and after surgical procedures.
  7. Facilitate the patient’s transfer to a hospital or doctor’s office for a thorough medical checkup; take him to the top radiology and lab facilities for the required diagnostic testing and surgery; and take him to the tourist medical center for the required surgical procedures and medical intervention.
  8. Following surgery, patients are cared for in the Medical Tourism Hospital’s intensive care rooms by the most skilled nursing staff.
  9. Setting up medical and therapeutic travel packages that include hospital stays for patients recovering from surgeries so they can spend their time in the world’s most stunning destinations.
  10. Organizing traveler trips to Egypt’s cultural, historical, religious, and entertainment destinations once patients have fully recovered.
  11. facilitating the patient’s return to his home country’s procedures and accompanying him to the airport upon the conclusion of his stay in Egypt.

The best quality of medical tourism service in Egypt

The primary concern of medical tourists worldwide is the quality of the medical services they receive; therefore, the best medical tourism company in Egypt, Shifaay Medical Tourism Center, offers the highest caliber of medical tourism services. With Shifaay, you can get the best medical care at any of the 11 premier hospitals in Egypt that have earned JCI accreditation. Egypt is ranked #1 out of 22 countries in North and Middle Africa for the quality of medical services and healthcare. Shifaay International Medical Tourism Company assures you of the highest caliber care from the top internationally certified physicians and surgeons who completed their education at the top universities in the United States and the United Kingdom and obtained their training and accreditation from the most esteemed medical schools in Egypt.

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The cheapest medical tourism cost for all patients

Cost is one of the most significant factors influencing medical tourism decisions, along with service quality. Patients are always looking for the best deal, so Shifaay stands out from the top medical tourism providers in the world because we take pride in offering a variety of medical tourism packages at competitive prices.

The concept of medical tourism is somewhat different now. At the end of the last century, patients used to move from countries that were less developed in the medical field to more developed countries in search of modern and advanced treatment techniques and methods, but with the passage of time and a rise in medical development around the world, the ease of learning, increased education, and the import of modern and advanced medical equipment have sparked the star of many countries in the medical field and have become comparable to the countries of the developed world in the quality of service provided. Conversely, because of the comparatively lower cost of care, they have become even more distinctive, indicating a trend in which patients are turning away from developed nations with expensive treatment to developing nations that offer distinctive and high-quality healthcare at reasonable prices. The prices of cosmetic surgeries for medical tourism in Egypt are lower than the cost of surgeries in the United States by a rate ranging between 30% and 70%.

Efficiency of the medical staff

Shifaay, the medical tourism facilitator, provides a medical tourism guide with the best medical tourism doctors in all medical fields, such as cardiovascular surgeons, cosmetic medical tourism surgeons, obesity surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, neurosurgeons, urology surgeons, and general surgery surgeons, from various governorates in Egypt, so that the patient can choose the doctor who best meets his needs. All of the doctors on the Shifaay are internationally accredited and have Egyptian Ministry of Health licenses to practice. They offer all medical services with integrity and a commitment to making sure you have a memorable and exceptional medical tourism experience.

Additionally, Shifaay Center offers a second medical opinion service, enabling patients to discuss their medical conditions with multiple doctors and select the best one to perform their surgery.

Equipped hospitals and medical centers

Shifaay, the international medical tourism company, deals with the best medical tourism hospitals and centers in Egypt, which are equipped with the best operating rooms and intensive care rooms equipped with the latest technologies and the best medical equipment to provide the best medical care for patients from all over the world. It also has the best medical staff, including consultant doctors, surgeons, nurses, radiology technicians, and lab technicians, to ensure that you receive a luxury medical tourism service with the highest success rates, minimal complications, and the best care after surgical procedures.

With the help of Shifaay, the health tourism facilitator, you can now select one of Egypt’s 11 internationally recognized Joint Commission International (JCI) medical tourism hospitals.

Healing tourism packages

Along with scheduling medical vacation packages and offering patients the best care possible, Shifaay is also interested in offering a variety of packages related to archaeology, entertainment, culture, sports, and religion. These will allow you to make the most of your time in Egypt and take advantage of its beautiful weather, unique natural settings, historic sites, temples, and archaeological museums, including those in Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Aswan, and Alexandria.

Additionally, it is interested in providing wellness travel packages to health resorts and healing centers that offer popular treatments like black sand therapy, sulfur therapy, and others, like those in the oases, Siwa, Hurghada, Sinai, Al-Fayom, Helwan, and others.

The success of international health tourism in Egypt is largely dependent on the country’s lifestyle and culture. The kindness of its people, their smiles, and their welcoming of tourists are undoubtedly one of the secrets to the success of your medical tourism experience in Egypt.

How can I contact Shifaay to book a medical tourism service?

By selecting the “call us now” button, you can now get in touch with a customer service representative from Shifaay. They will get in touch with you, explain all of the medical tourism packages and their costs, and respond to any queries you may have about reservations for these packages, which include surgical, medical tourism plastic surgery, and medical tourism dental packages.

What is the cost of medical tourism in Egypt?

The cost of medical tourism in Egypt varies depending on a number of factors, such as the kind of procedure that is needed, the specialization and educational background of the treating physician, the cost of booking the hospital of choice, the duration of the stay, the cost of booking the hotel and its category, and the possibility of requesting extra services like resident nursing or an accompanying translator, or booking one of the tourism packages—archaeological, recreational, or healing—but make sure that you are getting the best medical care from Shifaay, the medical travel facilitator, at the best price. Additionally, keep in mind that the comprehensive medical tour package with Shifaay will be less expensive than its equivalent in your home country.

What is the best medical tourism company in Egypt?

Shifaay is regarded as the best health tourism company in Egypt, offering all medical services in various medical specialties at the hands of the best consultant doctors and surgeons in Egypt’s best internationally accredited hospitals, which are outfitted with the best technologies and modern medical devices to examine, diagnose, and treat patients from all over the world.

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