Decisions become very difficult when it became related our health, so we need to think deep, ask some one we can trust and do our own research.
this is the typical situation when it comes to choosing a surgeon or a hospital to do medical procedure on it.
in this article we have written our definitive guide on how you can choose a surgeon for your next medical procedure.

what is the difference between emergency and non-emergency surgery?

There are some kind of surgical operations that need to be done immediately such as acute bowel obstruction or intracranial hemorrhage after an accident.
But that is not the case for non-emergency or elective surgical operation such as plastic surgeries or diagnostic endoscopy.
those elective non-emergency surgeries are usually what we are talking about if you are searching for a good surgeon as emergency surgeries mostly done on the same hospital you were diagnosed.

How you can know that you really need a surgery?

Although you might think that surgical operation will fix your problems quickly but in some situations you might be wrong.
So you must search well before deciding to do surgical operation do the following:

  1. Ask your primary care physician about your medical condition.
  2. Get a second opinion medical consultation.
  3. Find the best surgeon that will do the operation for you.
  4. Find a good hospital to do your surgical operation.

We at surgions provide all those services as we provide online consultation with a GP doctor that will review your medical situation and advice you what is the next step.
Then we have a large connection of doctors around the world that we help you choose from based on your medical condition.
After that we can provide a 2nd opinion medical consultation that help you reach a better decision.

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But how to choose a Surgeon?

As we all not it’s not an easy thing to choose a surgeon for your next operation but we can simplify the process as following:

  1. Check for surgeon’s credentials: you must make sure that this surgeon has a license to practice those kinds of surgical operations and have received the required training.
  2.   Look at Surgeon’s Experience: the more experience the surgeon have in high quality hospitals the better the outcomes of his surgical operations that is why looking for the surgeon’s experience and where did he gained this experience is a crucial issue before choosing your surgeon.
  3. Research the hospital and its surgical facilities: the hospital where the surgical operation will be done is as important as the surgeon’s experience you must make sure that the hospital has the latest equipment and technology, you must also check the infection control standards inside the hospital.
  4. Ask for Advice: we at Surgions can advise you with the best hospital and surgeon that can perform this kind of surgical operation for you we already have all the credentials of the doctors and know what will be the best for your specific situation.
  5. Consider the cost:  when coming to surgical operations it’s very important to consider the cost and ask about any additional costs such as hospital fees or anesthesia fees. You must also ask if your insurance cover this procedure or not.
  6. Trust your gut: you need a surgeon how explain everything for you and you must be comfortable to communicate with him. Don’t be afraid to ask your surgeon any question regarding your health condition or the predictable outcomes of the surgical operation.

We can be with you throughout this process helping you find the best for your needs.

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