hand tendon repair surgery

If you or someone close to you is considering having hand tendon repair surgery, and wondering how much it will cost, read this article. First of all you must rely on a doctor who specializes in hand tendon repair surgery to identify the reasons behind the symptoms and the best course of action for each unique situation.

The price of hand tendon repair surgery varies depending on a number of factors, including the urgency and center of the procedure, since many patients require treatment that does not interfere with their daily activities in order to complete the tasks assigned to them. Shifaay, the medical tourism center in Egypt employs the greatest and largest group of surgical professors worldwide, so you can now consult with the most skilled and experienced surgeon to carry out the necessary hand tendon repair surgery. Contact us right away if you want to keep your hand healthy and functioning properly again.

Hand tendon repair surgery

hand tendon repair surgery

Hand tendon repair surgery is a surgical procedure in which the hand tendon is cut for a therapeutic purpose. Hand tendon repair surgery is a delicate surgical procedure that needs a high level of experience from the participating medical team and surgeons. A hand tendon repair surgery may require several steps and preparatory procedures to ensure the success of the procedure and prevent any complications.

In order to cut the tendon in the hand, the patient must first be put under anesthesia, and the area that has to be cut must be properly cleaned and disinfected to prevent infection. The surgeon then uses specialized instruments to carefully and precisely cut the tendon.

Following the cut, the tendon ends are reattached, and special sutures are frequently used to hold the ends together for a period of time while they heal and recover.

During the recovery phase, the patient needs to be given enough care and rest to ensure proper healing and tissue fusion after surgery. Physical therapy and rehabilitation may be required for patients in order for them to fully regain hand functions after surgery.

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Hand tendon surgery

A hand tendon surgery is a significant surgical procedure that can help patients with hand tendon issues live better lives and experience less discomfort. The success of this operation depends on the precision and specialization required by the surgeons and the medical team. Moreover, the patient must be dedicated to following surgical instructions and attending all required therapy sessions in order to fully recover.

Hand tendon repair surgery may be required for a variety of medical conditions, including sports injuries, chronic infections, and even some chronic diseases like hand arthritis.

Therefore, after carefully assessing the patient’s condition, surgeons decide whether a hand tendon repair surgery is the best course of action or if there are other options that might be more beneficial.

Arthroscopic hand tendon repair surgery

Arthroscopic hand tendon repair surgery, also known as arthroscopic fibrous tendon surgery, is a viable treatment option for a number of conditions, including hand tendon ruptures and tendinitis-related injuries. This surgery is also carried out by a skilled and qualified surgeon.

An arthroscopic hand repair surgery entails making a tiny skin incision and inserting a tiny camera and surgical instruments using contemporary arthroscopic methods. This is done with the intention of providing the surgeon with an accurate and minimally invasive procedure by clearly displaying the tendons, blood vessels, and nerves in front of them.

One of the many advantages of arthroscopic hand tendon repair surgery is that it can expedite and shorten the healing process. It also lessens the chance of skin and surrounding fibrous tissue abnormalities. Furthermore, this technique improves the outcome of treatment and helps lower the post-operative pain level.

With the significance of this kind of procedure, the surgeon must undoubtedly possess exceptional skills in addition to being fully versed in endoscopic methods and able to monitor blood pressure while performing the procedure. Therefore, to ensure a successful outcome and prevent any potential complications, the appropriate measures must be taken both before and after the operation.

Hand tendinitis treatment

People are susceptible to a range of health problems that impede movement and make it challenging to perform daily tasks because tendinitis in the hand is one of the most prevalent conditions affecting the joints and surrounding tissues. Tendinitis can also result from overuse or repetitive pressure on the tendons in the hand, which can cause pain, swelling, and irritation.

Everybody can get hand tendinitis from overstressing their tendon, which can be found in the wrist, palm, and fingers among other areas of the hand. Inflammation of all tendons, particularly the thumb tendon, is one of the most frequent causes of this illness.

A ruptured hand tendon can be identified by tenderness in the hand, edema in the tendons, and difficulty moving the joints. Furthermore, for the treatment of hand tendinitis, ice therapy, rest, and little activity are advised.

Some cases might need physical therapy and rehabilitation sessions to strengthen muscles and increase flexibility.

It is crucial to seek corrective care as soon as possible by consulting a specialized doctor and to pay attention to the symptoms of tendonitis in the hand. Another way to avoid this condition is to avoid strong, repetitive tendon movements and to maintain the strength of the muscles surrounding your joints.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking proper care of the hand are also essential because they can lower the chance of developing tendinitis in the hand and help to preserve the hand’s overall motor abilities.

Dear reader, you should be aware that in order to properly diagnose the condition and choose the best course of action, you should see a skilled, experienced, and highly competent surgeon if your symptoms do not go away after a long period of time.

We have determined that Shifaay Center, the medical tourism center in Egypt offers you the best surgeon to perform the diagnosis and operation at the highest level. For severe cases, anti-inflammatory medications may be used to relieve pain and swelling in addition to physical therapy targeted at regaining normal joint movement and muscle strength.

The process of hand tendon repair surgery

Hand tendon repair surgery is a surgical procedure used to treat injuries to the tendons of the hand, which can occur as a result of sports injuries or daily accidents. Hand tendon damage is a common injury that requires surgical intervention to treat and restore hand function. This procedure also requires a high level of surgical experience and accuracy to ensure successful outcomes and prevent complications. Shifaay Center, the medical tourism center in Egypt offers you access to a hand tendon ligation surgeon with the highest level of training and competence who opens the infected wound and locates the damaged tendons. The tendons are then fixed with intricate sutures or special materials to speed up the healing process.

Here, he has made sure the tendons are in the right location so that, following the healing period, the hand can resume its typical range of motion. The patient’s continuous attention must also be considered in order to maintain treatment and ensure a speedy recovery.

You should not worry if you want to perform a hand tendon repair surgery but are concerned about the low cost because at Shifaay Center, the medical tourism center in Egypt we strive to provide the necessary surgical operations with discounts of up to 20% while taking the patient’s circumstances into consideration.

Hand tendon transfer surgery

The hand tendon transfer surgery consists of a few fundamental steps: identifying the target area for the tendon transfer, preparing the wound to receive it, diagnosing the injury and estimating the amount of tendon damage, and finally repairing and installing the tendon in the proper location. After the procedure, extensive rehabilitation therapy sessions are also necessary to guarantee that the hand heals normally and regains its full range of motion and strength.

The hand tendon transfer surgery helps patients regain confidence in carrying out daily tasks by restoring their ability to use the hand completely and effectively. The advancement of contemporary medicine and surgery has improved the outcomes of tendon transfer surgery as well as the lives of patients. The Center’s tendon transfer operations have yielded excellent results, and this is made possible by the advancements in orthopedics and surgery.

The cost of hand tendon repair surgery

The cost of a hand tendon repair surgery varies based on several factors that have a significant impact on the overall cost. We always recommend speaking with the treating medical team to provide an accurate estimate of the cost and potential expectations of this important surgical procedure. The cost of a hand tendon repair surgery involves several financial aspects, including consulting the surgeon and evaluating the medical condition, as well as the cost of the hospital and any necessary tests before surgery, the cost of the operation itself, and the cost of post-operative care.

This procedure can be expensive, which deters many patients from having it done. A number of factors influence this cost, including the patient’s complexity and the surgeon’s experience and specialization, the hospital and facilities where the procedure is performed, the cost of the instruments and medical supplies used during the procedure, and the quality of the patient’s overall health.

A hand tendon repair surgery may cost between fifty and eighty thousand Egyptian pounds, not including any additional costs associated with the procedure, post-treatment and physical rehabilitation, or medical expenses.

To ensure the best possible results at the lowest possible cost, patients should consult with a qualified surgeon and get in touch with Shifaay Center, the medical tourism center in Egypt for an accurate cost estimate and necessary steps. With Shifaay, you will be eligible for a 20% discount on the operation.

Hand tendon release surgery

hand tendon repair surgery

The hand tendon release surgery or flexor tendon release surgery is essentially a surgical procedure that repairs or rehabilitates injured hand tendons. This procedure is considered necessary when tendons are injured as a result of accidents, sports-related injuries, or aging-related factors.

The process of hand tendon release surgery starts with a thorough diagnosis of the patient’s condition and the degree of tendon damage. X-rays are also taken to ascertain the extent of the damage and to identify potential surgical risk factors.

The medical team decides what needs to be done in order to quickly restore tendon function.

The surgical procedures involved in hand tendon release surgery include repairing and stabilizing the tendons appropriately, excising the injured tissue, and administering the required aftercare to guarantee a full recovery.

Regaining normal strength and movement in the hand requires a period of physical therapy and recuperation.

Following surgery, the patient must adhere to the prescribed physical therapy schedule and follow the doctor’s instructions religiously to ensure a full recovery.

Causes of hand tendon injury

The hand’s tendons are known to be a collection of flexible tissue tendons; if these tendons are impacted by any common or uncommon injuries, infections, or both, the tendon in the hand may rupture. There are also a number of other causes of hand tendon injury, the most significant of which are:

● lifting and carrying heavy weights, then repeatedly performing these actions in one way or another.
● lifting big weights that strain the tendons and muscles.
● doing exercise without properly warming up.
● the existence of issues with the bones, joints, or the soft tissues that envelop them.
● a collection of conditions including diabetes, thyroid gland problems, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and joint inflammation.
● Tenosynovitis
● it could be the result of multiple sports injuries or a deep cut on the wrist or palm side of the fingers.

All of these reasons lead to performing a hand tendon injury. Because of this, it is essential to speak with a qualified surgeon in order to gather information regarding the patient’s medical history and symptoms, as well as to perform a number of tests and consultations prior to the procedure.

Finger tendon repair surgery

Many individuals are searching for flexor tendon release surgery, or what is known as Finger tendon repair surgery. With the help of the specialists at the Shifaay Center, the medical tourism center in Egypt we can reassure them that the operation they perform is not dangerous in the slightest because it is carried out by a team of the world’s top surgeons.

The duration of a finger tendon repair surgery can vary from 45 to 60 minutes, but this is only true for straightforward surgical procedures. Complex surgical procedures involve more complicated issues and require longer recovery times.

● First, the doctor administers local or general anesthesia in the case of finger tendons.
● In order to stop the blood flow, the doctor ties the upper portion of the shoulder with what is known as a cotton bandage because bleeding adjacent to the wound may obscure nearby tendons.
● Next, the incision is made to identify the damaged tendons, or if there is no wound, the wound in the finger is stretched.
● The injured tendon’s two ends are brought together and sutured together.
● A stiff plaster splint is frequently placed to protect the repaired tendons after the wound is sutured shut.

The process of fingers tendon release surgery

Many women, particularly those over forty, report having numbness in their thumb, index, and middle fingers along with a particular pain that seems to affect all of their fingers. It was therefore necessary to unscrew the finger tendons because these pains could cause weakness in the hand and finger grip, which would make it easier to lose control over grip objects. Since the body’s tendons are a collection of tough, elastic tissues found in the hand that connect the muscles to the bones, it is clear that these tissues play a crucial role in allowing movement, transferring weight, and shielding the joints from harm.

In order to see the injured tendon, at least a tiny incision must be made through the skin in the vicinity of it. The doctor then removes any damaged tendon tissue.

In the next stage, the torn ends of the tendon are sewn together with great care.

Finally, the doctor will stitch the cut skin with all medical stitches and bandage the wound.

If you are interested in having an operation to expand or unpair the tendons in your hand, or flexor tendon release surgery our team of top surgeons can take care of all of your necessary procedures in a timely, cost-effective, and minimally invasive manner at Shifaay Center.

Cost of finger tendon repair surgery

It is well known that finger tendon repair surgery is one of the most important operations performed by a team of professional surgeons around the world. Furthermore, it is designed for a group of people who experience specific pains in these areas. In addition, this procedure is typically performed in cases of severe damage to the hand’s tendons or fingers, as well as in cases of specific illnesses like Parkinson’s disease. The cost of a hand tendon repair surgery also varies according to a number of variables and difficulties.

One of the most significant variables that could impact the cost of is the basic cost of the procedure, plus the expenses associated with the hospital stay, the treating physician’s experience, the costs of post-treatment and physical rehabilitation, and any other extra charges related to the operation.

Left hand tendons repair surgery

Tendon injuries may develop after a series of deep wounds in the forearm, hands, or fingers. The operation can be determined based on the location of the injury. You should see a doctor who specializes in this kind of surgery if you experience pain in your left hand’s tendons. They will make the proper diagnosis and perform the necessary examinations and tests right away.

Shifaay Center, the medical tourism center in Egypt provides you with the best surgeon left hand tendons repair surgery. He has great experience in this field. In addition, he has a stellar professional background that demonstrates his growth, inventiveness, and the accomplishment of previous tasks. In addition, he works to ensure that patients receive the highest level of safety and security. He uses advanced international medical technologies to diagnose a wide range of injuries, including fractures of the bones and tears in the ribs, shoulder, elbow, knee, and ankle. in addition to using laparoscopic surgery to perform various operations.

Thumb tendon repair surgery

Elastic tendons are strong connective tissue structures that connect the forearm muscles to the bones of the fingers and thumb. Although these tendons give us the ability to bend our wrists, carry objects, and perform daily tasks, they can also cause severe injuries when they become exposed. These injuries can result from deep wounds to the hand, fingers, forearm, or wrist. Depending on the exact location of the injury, these injuries may be also accompanied by other serious nerve and blood vessel injuries.

When a tendon is injured, the region near it may contract with the surrounding muscles, but the region farther away remains stationary. In such a case, the patient may be unable to bend the fingers and wrist; however, if only part of the tendon is cut, It could hurt a little, but it could also give you full hand function. If you leave the injury untreated, however, there is a chance that the tendons will come away from the wound site if you use the hand continuously. For this reason, it is advised to undergo immediate surgical intervention to repair any severely damaged tendons that are more than 25% damaged.

Note that following the incision of the thumb tendon, a customized splint may be worn for a duration of three weeks to one month.

Following this challenging phase, which is also referred to as the paralysis period, professional physical therapy may be extremely necessary, especially if there was a bone fracture brought on by an injury to these tendons. After the splint is taken off, it might be possible to start physical therapy right away. If this injury is not treated right away with surgery, there may be no way to directly repair the severed tendons’ ends. Additionally, the problem might permanently shorten the proximal portion of the tendon; therefore, a two-stage excellent surgical strategy might be developed for these patients.

The first step involves inserting a silicone rod between the wrist and fingers to aid in the formation of a tunnel and bend the affected finger to provide adhesions. The second stage can begin three months following the first and involve taking a tendon graft from the same forearm and inserting it using a silicone rod into the previously constructed tunnel. It should be mentioned that in the first stage, the patient might not need a splint and could be able to move his hand right after the procedure, whereas in the second scenario, he might need to wear one and undergo physical therapy, but this would naturally follow routine tendon surgery.

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Why is the hand tendon repair surgery done arthroscopically?

The arthroscopic hand tenotomy procedure is thought to be a cutting-edge and successful method for treating tendinitis-related injuries. It helps patients live better lives and restores hand function quickly and effectively.

How much does a hand tendon repair surgery cost?

The cost of the hand tendon-cutting procedure is neither high nor low; rather, it’s comparable to what is required for the procedure. The cost of these procedures varies from 50,000 to 80,000 Egyptian pounds, depending on the hospital or specialty center. However, the Shifaay Center strives to offer discounts of up to 20% on these kinds of procedures, so there is no need to worry.

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