Height lengthening surgeries in Egypt

What is the price of height lengthening surgery in Egypt? People who do not require these surgeries may find it strange, but when it comes to those who would like to have them, it is crucial. Many people with short stature want to have these procedures performed, and it is known that, until recently, these procedures were only performed abroad due to a lack of sufficient capabilities. However, you can trust Shifaay Center, the first center offering height lengthening surgeries, as it offers the highest level of modern techniques and capabilities necessary for these procedures. It also managed to provide an elite group of international experts in performing height lengthening surgeries, as well as eradicate the phenomenon of traditional surgery.

If you want to undergo a height lengthening surgery, Shifaay Center the best medical tourism centers in Egypt can connect you with the most skilled doctor for this kind of care. He has years of experience and has performed numerous height lengthening surgeries, so you do not have to worry about any conditions as long as the patient receives a satisfactory outcome from the procedure. Contact us right away without delay, and we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary tools and knowledge.

Height lengthening surgeries

The price of height lengthening surgery in Egypt

Height lengthening surgeries and how they are performed using modern methods and international technologies is one of the most significant topics in which medicine has been creative in cosmetic surgery; as of 2024, cosmetic medicine has a voice and has started to intervene in all fields. The cosmetic medicine has been creative, and it has produced a distinguished group of diverse medical solutions that were not present in the past.

Shifaay now offers you the most suitable solution if you are short or dwarf and are looking for medical assistance after you are tired of trying out different sports. We provide the height lengthening surgery since we are well aware that people with short stature may experience psychological and other physical issues, and that these issues worsen if the short stature is severe and interferes with daily life, like dwarfism. Since then, height lengthening surgeries have become popular in Egypt and many people have new hope for a better life, so they frequently inquire about the cost of these procedures.

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Height lengthening surgery

Height lengthening surgery, also referred to as leg lengthening surgery, is a common procedure on young people and a good option for people who want to get taller after they reach the age of growth, which includes young people between the ages of 18 and 25. The success of height lengthening surgeries depends on the body’s good response and adherence to post-operative care.
In general, the height lengthening surgery consists of several stages of breaking and stabilizing the bone, followed by gradually extending the bone and increasing the height by 7 cm. This is a plastic surgery procedure. Lengthening procedures involve inserting a device known as an “external fixator” into the bone, which allows the bone to be gradually lengthened by dividing and then extending it.

One advantage of height lengthening surgeries is that they can improve the mental and psychological health of people who are uncomfortable with their height, as well as their social integration and self-assurance. However, psychological, social, and health factors must be taken into account that can affect the success of the surgery and the person’s restoration to his natural figure.

Possible side effects of height lengthening surgeries are pain, swelling, and inflammation of the bones and muscles, and the surgeries can take a long time to heal and rehabilitate. Therefore, before opting for a height lengthening surgery, it is crucial for a person to have a thorough evaluation from specialists.

By utilizing contemporary technologies and taking the required safety precautions, height-extending surgeries can be a safe and efficient option for those seeking a change in their stature. It is important to understand the dangers and difficulties connected to these procedures and to make the required mental and physical arrangements for the recovery phase.

Height lengthening surgeries in Egypt

It is known that people who are short experience anxiety, which leads them to look for practical solutions. Height lengthening surgery has become a popular option in Egypt, offering new options for people who wish to grow taller, because it involves lengthening the leg bones surgically, resulting in an increase in the patient’s overall height.

There are two main techniques used in height lengthening surgeries:
● Middle leg lengthening: An Ilizarov device, or internal or external fixation device, is attached to the limb and gradually extended over a few months to allow the bone to grow and lengthen.
This technique is unique in that it allows the patient to move gradually in a short amount of time—up to three days—after the procedure.
● Lengthening the femur: it is also known as lengthening the spinal nail, entails cutting the top of the femur and attaching an extendable nail—a device that can be controlled by an external device—to lengthen the femur. The nail is placed between the two ends of the bone, the wound is closed with stitches, and the length of the nail is adjusted using an external control device. This technique has the advantage of reducing the chances of any infection or inflammation occurring, but it requires a longer recovery period.

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My experience with height lengthening surgery

According to my experience with height lengthening surgery, there is a real difference between leading a life that is physically and psychologically stressful and leading a life that is completely stress-free. Individuals who experience dwarfism or short stature frequently experience similar emotions and psychological states. I was curious as to why people choose to have surgeries to increase their height. There are several possible answers to this question. People often consider height lengthening surgeries for a number of reasons, such as:

Lack of self-confidence, as people with small statues frequently experience social limitations and interactions in addition to low self-confidence and self-image disorders. Short people may experience social discrimination in a variety of contexts, including the workplace, romantic relationships, and health issues, where a person’s height may be associated with certain health issues, such as back pain and digestive problems.

Therefore, Egypt has advanced in the field of height lengthening surgeries, with many private hospitals, specialty clinics, and medical centers providing excellent procedures at competitive costs. Egyptian surgeons have the knowledge and experience to perform these complex surgeries accurately and safely, which is what Shifaay Center does, and what makes Shifaay unique is that it is not limited to Egyptian doctors, but also includes a group of the world’s best experts in height lengthening surgery.

The success rate of height lengthening surgery

The price of height lengthening surgery in Egypt

When it came to height lengthening surgery, we used to be able to say that it did not exist at all in Egypt. However, we can now tell you with confidence that it does, that it is performed under general anesthesia, and that the success rate of the procedure is high.

Typical steps in a height increase surgery are as follows: The skin above the shinbone or femur is first specifically incised, followed by the bone being cut and a lengthening device being inserted, and lastly, the incisions being closed and sutured.

After height lengthening surgery, there is a lengthy recovery period that can last anywhere from several months to a year.

Important steps to take during the recovery period include: Crutches or assistive devices are initially used to walk, followed by physical therapy to strengthen muscles and improve range of motion, particularly pain management through medication and therapy.

The cost of height lengthening surgery in Egypt

The cost of height lengthening surgery in Egypt varies depending on the hospital or clinic and the technique used. In general, costs are much lower than in other countries, making it an attractive option for people looking to get taller.

The cost also varies depending on the doctor’s competence and practical experience in this field, as well as the number of height lengthening surgeries performed, the patient’s health status, and whether he has any health problems that require care or follow-up.

One of the factors affecting the cost is the type of technology being used, such as an external fixator or a spinal screw, as well as the overall caliber of the medical facility and the extent to which the technologies, devices, and services provided.

The cost of height lengthening surgery in Egypt ranges between 600,000 thousand Egyptian pounds to 727,500 thousand pounds.

Bone lengthening surgery in Egypt

Egypt offers new opportunities for people to lengthen their stature and boost their self-confidence. With the growing experience of surgeons and the availability of high-quality procedures at reasonable prices, bone lengthening surgery in Egypt provides an effective solution for individuals who wish to lengthen bones. Before deciding whether to have surgery, you should, however, do a thorough investigation and speak with an experienced doctor because there could be a number of risks involved. Remember that long-term outcomes are dependent on a number of factors that need constant attention.

Bone lengthening surgery carries risks and potential complications, just like any other surgical procedure. These include the following:
● Infection.
● Nerve or blood vessel damage.
● improper bone healing.
● Chronic pain.

The outcomes of height lengthening surgery also depend on a number of variables, including age, overall health, and the precise location of the bone that needs to be lengthened. In general, people can expect to gain 7 to 15 cm taller.

The majority of patients who have Height lengthening surgery are happy with the outcome because it greatly improves their quality of life and sense of self. However, it is critical to understand that long-term outcomes are dependent on adherence to rehabilitation treatment and appropriate post-operative care.

What is the lengthening procedure and why is it used?

It is a cosmetic surgery performed on young people aged 18 to 25, as this is the age at which bone growth stops; it also works to increase height by 7 centimeters.

It is also carried out at the highest level, with the latest technologies, to treat dwarfism and improve the psychology of short people.

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How much does a height lengthening procedure cost in Egypt?

The cost of the height-lengthening procedure in Egypt is comparable to the requirements of the procedure; it is neither excessive nor low. The cost of these surgeries varies between 600,000 thousand Egyptian pounds and 727,500 thousand pounds, according to the specialized center or hospitals. However, there is no need to worry, as the Shifaay Center offers discounts of up to 20% on these kinds of transactions.

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